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Courage is something we all need. In a fight there are two sides, the one and the other. The one is weak and needs our help, the other ...

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Charity Furniture Shop

Our Charity Furniture Shop is a type of social enterprise. Mostly, we sell mainly recycled household goods donated by members of the ...

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Helping Local Families

We believe that we are among the first faith based charities to respond to the needs of some unlucky families here in West Yorkshire. ...

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Do you know someone that is in desperate need of help, has no support, is lacking the basics to make a home?

Caring for someone is totally free of charge. Contact us today for a telephone interview and help someone break free from social dereliction. Safe Haven is for all we make no distinction we help all those that are in desperate need. Through our long-term relationships with residential, child and crisis/refuge centres across the region, we currently deliver over 2 tonnes of furniture, white goods and food parcels every week, to help build a safe haven in the lives of women and children, across West Yorkshire.